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Self Care Manifestation Candles

Self Care Manifestation Candles

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8oz Handmade Fixed Manifestation Candle!

If you don’t take care of yourself then who will? Self care is about pouring into ourselves, doing what makes you happy, living your best life and understanding that you are in responsible for your care above all. This is the candle you burn when you want to talk to the universe and ask for all the love, passion, affection and goodness you want to manifest for your life. Self Care is about replenishing your needs and focusing on your happiness to move with the intention of making it all a reality.

In Alignment Apothecary’s Self Care Manifestation Candle is what you light when its time to focus on you and all you desire in love, life and career!
This candle is filled with natural herbs and crystals that will assist you in your manifestations such as Rosebuds for love & intuition, Nutmeg for attraction, Jasmine to draw spiritual love and Rose Quartz Crystals to open your heart to unconditional love & gentleness.

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