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ARMOR Manifestation Candle

ARMOR Manifestation Candle

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We put on Armor when it’s time to go into battle to protect ourselves or shield us from harm, burning this candle is like throwing on that extra layer of protection. This candle is a place of protection, its armed with all the things you need to protect your heart, your thoughts, creative expressions and all thing you!

In Alignment Apothecary’s Amour Manifestation Candle is what you light when you are ready to sit down and manifest love, protection, creativity and everything you want to pour yourself into.
This candle is filled with natural herbs and crystals that will assist you in your manifestations such as Bay Leaf for protection, Cloves for attracting love, Star Anise for divination, Black Obsidian crystals for grounding and support in times of change and much more!

8oz Candle
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