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ANEW Manifestation Candle

ANEW Manifestation Candle

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8oz Handmade Soy Wax Manifestation Candle!

When there is so much going on and you just can’t put your finger on it but you know the vibe is off, thats when you call on Anew. Thoughts are blocked, energy is low or you feel negativity looming around and you just need to cleanse the space so you can manifest properly then this is what you burn. Cleaning house is necessary to rid yourself of that which no longer serves you. This candle cleanses energy so you can manifest in your most positive & productive way possible by removing negativity that may be stifling your path.

In Alignment Apothecary’s ANEW Manifestation Candle is what you light when you are ready to clear away negative energy and shift it to a clear state.
This candle is filled with natural herbs and crystals that will assist you in your manifestations such as Palo Santo for healing, White Sage to remove negative energy, Frankincense for purification & Selenite Crystal to cleanse your mind & space.
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